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  3. Business Proposal ~Japanese second-hand anime goods ~
Business Proposal ~Japanese second-hand anime goods ~


[1]Director Message [NEXT]

Japanese anime works are very popular all over the world.Many people became interested in Japanese anime after seeing Doraemon or Studio Ghibli films as a child.
Visual expression and narrative are highly important in recent anime works, and it has grown into a culture that even adults can enjoy.

In addition, there are various anime-related goods for sale.
There are a wide variety of products such as figurines, stuffed animals, T-shirts, and badges. In Akihabara, Tokyo, the origin of anime/subculture, there are a number of specialty shops that offer such products.
There are also frequent events held for anime fans that gather from around the world.We operate about 50 second-hand anime goods shops called “Lashinban” nationwide including in Akihabara in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

Our customers are anime fans from around the world.
Through the sale of anime goods, we hope to brings smiles to the faces of our international customers.


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[3]Industry Outlook [NEXT]

With the spread of the internet, information about Japanese anime/games is transmitted directly to users around the world, and the market for accompanying anime goods has expanded greatly.
The scale of international markets is rapidly expanding with strong demand in emerging Asian countries.


[4]Our Strengths [NEXT]

We carry abundant inventory of various anime goods.
In addition, we have achieved retail sales all over the world.
We can provide those business assets to your company.

Our business model is relevant and can attract customers with strong price competitiveness.
We can provide solutions to the problems of retail store operators around the world.
The sales floor can be stimulated with a small initial investment and low operating cost.

This business model can result in big returns.
There are still not very many Japanese second-hand anime goods stores.
Therefore, it is possible to obtain an advantageous and special position immediately.



[5]Competitive advantage [NEXT]

●As the No. 1 second-hand

anime goods specialty store in Japan, it is a well-known Japanese brand.


●We purchase the secondary

distribution products in Japan, so they can be traded freely.


●We employ numerous product

appraisal professionals.
As a result, all of the products we offer are authentic.


●We have a corporation,

local staff, and inventory in Hong Kong.
Product delivery and export can be handled quickly in Hong Kong.


[6]Business Overview [NEXT]

We provide store construction plans according to the sales floor scale of our franchise stores.
We also provide branding, product inventory, displays, and sales expertise.


Can be flexible depending on the sales floor size
*The type-based development patterns are just for reference.
*The estimated sales amount is based on past cases and is just for reference.


[7]Transaction Overview [NEXT]

■ Franchise fee/sales commission
A franchise contract will be executed.


[8]Transaction Method [NEXT]

≪Included in franchise fee≫
Sales floor development, sales coaching

  1.  (in-person/online)
  2. Brand usage rights, various promotional materials

≪Costs borne by franchise stores≫

  1. Store rent and utility costs
  2. Warehouse costs
  3. Insurance and store maintenance costs
  4. Personnel costs
  5. Furniture/equipment costs
  6. Advertising costs
  7. Import costs (FOB Hong Kong)

≪About product provision≫
Inventory is selected by LASHINBANG(HK)
and provided to franchise stores.
Franchise stores do not need to make purchases.

※Other unclear parts will be determined through consultation


[9] Four Franchise Benefits [NEXT]

1, Development of popular anime goods shops in Japan

We consistently supply genuine second-hand anime goods.
By using our brand, one of Japan’s largest second-hand anime goods specialty stores, you can obtain a high degree of trust from customers.

2, The initial investment amount is low

We provide the initial inventory. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the initial business costs.

3, High profit model with a low product risk

The operating costs can be lowered because there is no inventory burden risk.
There is no inventory risk, so a high gross margin ratio and a sales profit ratio of 50% can be obtained.

4, Reliable support system

We can offer a high level of operating expertise along with our history of over 10 years as a specialty store.
Franchise store staff will be coached through merchandising, Japanese customer service etiquette, and sales methods.


[10] Estimated Business Revenue [NEXT]


[11] Franchise Conditions [NEXT]

●Approval of the franchise contract, terms and conditions.

●Open a store and operate in a city with a population of over 1 million.

●Ability to own and maintain a retail store.

●Hire a local full-time staff with an interest in anime.

●Have a full-time sales floor manager available during business hours.

●We need manager who can speak English or Chinese in addition to Japanese.

※We will determine for a franchise a distinct.


[12] Procedure [NEXT]

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